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MGSA T- Ball is coed, and for players ages 3-5 only. The goal of T Ball is to teach children the basic skills, such as catching, throwing, batting and base running.

* NOTE - Players MUST be potty trained.
             - Player age eligibility for Fall 2021 -  Fall Season will base age off of the players age as of December 1st, 2021. They must be 4 or turning 4 by December 1, 2021.  This age consideration will only be available in MGSA T-Ball.


  • No Umpires
  • All batters, base runners and players on deck MUST wear protective headgear.
  • Teams will be made up of 6-8 players.
  • Jerseys will not be provided. NO jewelry is allowed for safety purposes.
  • Game length is 45mins or 2 full innings. All innings started MUST be completed. If time is about to expire, DO NOT start a new inning. No new    innings after 35 minutes of play.
  • Base paths will be 50 feet in length, Pitchers mound will be set 35 feet from home plate.
  • Players will supply their own glove, bat, helmet and footwear. Soft cleats and tennis shoes are allowed at this age. Bats must be T Ball approved. Tees will be provided to each coach. NO FLEX TEES ALLOWED
  • Teams will bat all players before switching batting/fielding team.

Game Play:

  • All players will play in the field.
  • There will be one player per position. Outfielders will be placed behind the base areas.
  • Players will rotate positions every inning.
  • Players will be encouraged to throw the ball to first base. No chase and tag.
  • No extra bases on an overthrow.
  • Two coaches may be on the field to assist the defense. They will be positioned behind the infield.
  • Each player will be placed in the batting line up. The batting order will be reversed for the second at bat. Every player bats each inning. If a player cannot bat his/her turn, the batting order continues.
  • Teams may use any softcore official t-ball
  • A coach for the batting team will assist with putting the ball on the tee. A base coach will be positioned at 1st and 3rd base. Only 3 coaches may be on the field during offensive play.
  • Players can get a quick reminder while at the tee, but avoid too much instruction to keep the game moving.
  • Each player will get 5 swings. If a player has not made contact, the coach may assist a 6th swing.
  • Outs DO NOT count. They are unlimited until the entire line up has batted for the inning. Players will continue to run the bases. The last batter can run the bases until he/she touches home plate.
  • Runners may only take one base on balls that are batted into the infield.
  • When the ball is hit into the outfield, the runner may continue to run until the ball is thrown back to the infield dirt. The runner must stop at the base he/she is at. If they are advancing to the next base they may continue.
  • Play will stop when the lead runner fails to advance on their own, or with minimal instruction from the coaches.
  • If a player is playing the catching position, they must wear a helmet with facemask. The player will be positioned behind the tee coach until the ball is hit.
  • Coaches may NOT touch players.
  • The following are NOT ALLOWED:

            Lead offs, Stealing, Pinch Hitting, Infield Fly Rules, or Protesting


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